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Full Content of Month of Sundays' Childhood Journals

The main chapters of the Childhood Journals are as follows:

  • Before You Arrived (details on parents, siblings, a family tree, scans and pregnancy)

  • Your Birth (including an account from the parents, vital statistics and space for a hand and footprint)

  • Your First Year (with a double page spread per month, plus a page for the first birthday)

  • Years Two - Ten (quarterly check-ins, plus a page for each birthday)

  • Years Eleven - Eighteen (three pages per year)

  • Memories and Milestones (including the recording of baby and toddler 'Firsts', favourite family holidays, and first days at Primary and Secondary school)

  • Notes (free flow space for additional thoughts)

Parents are busy people, so every page of the Journal is designed for ease. On average, each entry takes 5 - 10 minutes to complete - the perfect nap time activity!

The Journals are also suitable for same-sex couples

When designing the Childhood Journals, Month of Sundays very consciously omitted any mention of ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’, ‘mother’ or ‘father’. Month of Sundays recognises parenthood as completely inclusive; no family looks the same and they believe that love is love, in any and every form.